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Anxiety Attacks in Dogs  

Anxiety Attacks in Dogs

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Pet alive, free or buy pets health carea buy 2 get 1 free products for your pets also, discover what causes of anxiety attacks in dogs.  Dogs cannot speak our language and we can never be sure whether their barking is a warning, a complaint or an expression of some discomfort. But there is one thing that we do know and that is that the barking is supposed to mean something. A dog may bark for various reasons. And in many cases the barking is due to a previous situation or experience thathe may have had. Research has unequivocally established that the dogsbrain does respond to stimuli and this was proven long time ago with Pavlovsexperiment. Experiments reveal that there is imagery in the dogs brain that induces specific dog behaviors. 

Relieving stress in pets becomes essential in such conditions so that the dog can cope with such unexpected situations. In a similar manner certain images get associated with the act of leaving home. We may have a ritual of doing certain things like putting on our shoes, picking up the keys of the car and wearing a jacket that get recorded as images that get associated with leaving. Since you are the owner, the dog is likely tot associate your absence with a period of no affection and indulgence. This obviously is not desirable from the pets point of view.  Pet alive free or buy pets health care, discover causes of anxiety attacks in dogs, Pet alive free or buy pet health care, discover causes of anxiety attacks in dogs.

Many dogs get excessively possessive and follow the owner from room to room or try to obstruct the passage to the main door. If you do find your way out and actually leave, you may find that your house is in shambles when you return. Objects associated with leaving may suddenly go missing. Shoes may have been chewed upon. A condition like this is called separation anxiety in dogs and is more evident among dogs that are excessively pampered by their owners. A lot of research has been done on the issue of whether dogs can think or not. After having studied   dogs  health beha vior one can easily conclude that the dog?s brain definitely retains experiences. The manner in which they are stored and recollected, however, is hazy. Reference... Article courtesy of PetAlive.

Pet Alive Buy Dogs Health Care Free Anxiety Attacks.